We are delighted to announce that Barwell Global has been appointed the approved sales agent of Rolf Schlicht GmbH for their RS Powdertech products in the UK and Ireland. 

Customers from the UK and Ireland will now be serviced locally for RS Powdertech products (powdering systems, and talcum coating devices for the application of release agents). In addition to entire systems, service, spare parts, retrofit and technical support will be offered.

The range consists of electrostatic and pneumatic powdering machines that provide dust-free and finely dosed powdering of cables, wires, hoses, profiles and belts with powdering agents, such as talc, graphite, stearates, swelling powders, organic powders, and coloured powders etc.

Barwell Global Limited and Rolf Schlicht GmbH have a long-standing relationship and are committed to longevity, reliability and supplying comprehensive customer support. Barwell’s rubber processing machines are represented in the German market by Rolf Schlicht GmbH.

Contact Barwell if you need RS Powdertech powdering machines, service, or spare parts and are based in the UK or Ireland.

Tel: +44 (0) 1480 832 850
sales@barwell.com and support@barwell.com